About Kelli

What if I told you can feel less anxious, more confident, and totally rock your business?

You can!

Just like you, I tried everything.

And, just like you, I almost gave up hope.

I get how stressed out and anxious you feel.

I remember days when getting our of bed felt like moving mud.

You’re so overwhelmed.

Your business plummeting; your life unraveling.

You’re exhausted, depleted, and at the end of your rope, and all you can think of is finding relief…or giving up.

I almost did too!

Hi, I’m Kelli Saginak, Certified Life Coach.

I endured the pain and anguish of overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks for most of my life.

Sure, I was a successful professor, writer, and business owner, but I felt anxious most of the time and lacked confidence.

Even though I knew what I was capable of creating, I struggled with leading my business and life successfully.

After years of suffering, I finally got brave enough to hire a coach and dive deep into my issues.

Want to know what I discovered?

I discovered how to feel less anxious.

I learned how to grow my confidence.

I discovered that I could lead my business successfully and make money.

Wanna know what I did next?

I stopped beating myself up!

I got back in touch with me and my life purpose; you know, the stuff we dream about.

I learned how to choose how I wanted to feel and start leading my life and business.

Money, time, and people stopped running my life.

And what other people think? That’s for other people to stress and worry about!

Today, I lead a fulfilling, gratifying life, and a successful career, while setting clear, non-negotiable boundaries around me, my time, and my health and wellness.

In fact, my commitment to putting me first is why my life and biz are thriving.

Wanna know how you can do the same?

I offer coaching programs specifically designed to teach you how to get out of your own way, stop sabotaging yourself, start leading your life like a badass CEO, and feel better!

Together, you’ll get super clear about what you want and how to remove the internal obstacles you’ve created, so you can start making intentional, soulful choices that serve you, your life, and your business.

I’ll also help you discover whole-health solutions so you can care for your mind and body, and you.

Starting NOW!

I offer a FREE 30-minute call where I’ll provide space for you to share your story, your challenges, and your struggles.

I’ll help you sort through your story and suggest a couple of ways that you can begin feeling relief.

We’ll also talk about coaching, coaching with me, and if I believe I can help you…which I totally believe I can!

Ready…Set…Go! 🙂

Starting TODAY!

Don’t you think it’s time to stop the madness and start creating magic in your life and business?

Haven’t you suffered enough?

Isn’t it time to achieve permanent anxiety relief, learn how to control your mind, and create the life and business of your dreams?

Of course it is! You know it is!

Schedule a call now!

Your mind, body, and business with thank you.

Sending you inspiration,


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