The Chance To Start Anew

Aw the freshness of a spring; the chance to start anew, begin again, and create amazing possibilities!

I love this time of year!

The vibrant purple and yellow crocuses pop.

A faint tint of green announces infant buds.

The ants begin their march.

Our cats start shedding!

And the birds?

It seems that morning can’t come soon enough to share their song.

However, budding into the second quarter can also create a lot of anxiety for some of us.

Perhaps our New Year’s resolutions melted with the snow and ice.

Maybe our first quarter goals washed away in the spring rains.

Nonetheless, the Universe, and Mother Nature, spring forward.

“Music come from an icicle as it melts, to live again in spring water.”

~ Henry Williamson

Spring Forward

As I sat with reviewing my own first quarter goals and aspirations, I felt anxiety vibrate through my body.

Assessing my accomplishments, or not, stirred a few limiting beliefs that, honestly, I’d love to see hibernate for eternity.

Thoughts like, “Who do you think you are to run a business?” “You don’t know what you’re doing? “You’re totally going to screw this up?” “Wait until they discover you’re a fraud?”

Yet, because I’ve gotten super skilled at managing my mind, I got still, acknowledged the old thoughts, felt the anxiety, and went to work on my second quarter goals anyway.

See, we’ve been socialized to believe the limiting beliefs sowed in our minds; our families and environments planted the seeds.

Life’s array of fruitful events and encounters provided those negative thoughts with fertile ground in which to anchor their roots.

Therefore, whenever we assess our accomplishments, review our goals, dream and create new aspirations, the doubtful, judgmental thoughts spread, and maybe even grow stronger.

Much like weeds that take over a garden, negative, limiting beliefs can choke-out our goals, dreams, and aspirations.

That is, if we allow them to spread, grow stronger, and take over our life.

See, our egos thrive on the status quo and keeping us safely out of harm’s way; that’s its job.

Knowing this, we can honor our brain’s meddling in our evolution while we set our sights on bigger, better dreams.

Spring Ahead

There was a time in my life when I let negative, limiting beliefs control and sabotage my life.

I believed that I couldn’t create the life I wanted and well, dreaming was for people much more deserving than me.

Because I hadn’t yet learned that the limiting thoughts in my mind came from my ego and not my true self, I believed them!

Likewise, because these negative thoughts created a lot of anxiety, I learned that when I felt anxious, it meant that I needed to stop what I was doing, run, and get away from whatever was causing anxiety.

I got really good at thinking judgmental thoughts, then feeling anxious, and then taking actions that moved me away from what I wanted, instead of towards it.

Once I discovered that these all these “weedy” thoughts were not true and that I could create new amazing thoughts, I started feeling less anxious and more excited and exhilarated than ever.

Thus, my actions started to spring me forward toward my goals and my dreams started to come true!

They can for you too!

Spring Planting

Spring is the perfect time plant new seeds and soak up the chance to start anew.

Today, give yourself permission to dream, and I mean, dream big.

Set your most desired goal or aspiration.

Write it down.

Marvel at it.

Realize that negative thoughts will emerge and anxious feelings will stir, but you’re okay; there’s no feeling that we can’t handle.

Next, ask yourself, “Are these negative thoughts true? Are they really true?”

Most likely they’re not; they’re simply a bullshit story that you’ve been telling yourself all these years that has kept you from dreaming and making your dreams come true.

Then, see yourself in the future achieving your dream or goal.

Feel the energy of achieving what you’ve always wanted, what you’ve dreamed of most.

Always remember, fear, anxiety, excitement, exhilaration, eagerness, and anticipation all feel the same in the body; it’s simply what we make it mean.

Allow this amazing energy to spring you toward your dreams and toward the garden of your life.

There’s nothing you can’t achieve; there’s nothing you can’t grow.

Sending you inspiration,

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  • Chelsea

    Kelli, I really resonated with this post today. Just replace the “spring” with the “summer” season and I feel like this post could have been written for me. Even with the spring semester ending, I still feel incredibly anxious about various things. I thought the anxiousness would subside with spring classes ending, but now the anxiousness revolves around the summer season… am I going to afford all of these summer weddings we have booked? Am I doing enough in my job search? Am I spending enough time with my family? Am I doing enough? Today I went for a long walk and it was especially calming. I noticed the tulips and the crabapple trees. It was sprinkling outside and I tried to practice mindfulness because I love the smell of rain. I told myself that even if I don’t have it all figured out; even if I’m not productive every single day, that’s okay. I need to give myself more grace. Thanks for the read!

    • kellisagi

      Hi Chelsea! Love knowing that the post connected with you. Thanks for reading! As the seasons come and go, so does life and how we respond to it. Every day gives us another chance to practice evolving. So glad that you took time to soak up nature, which never judges us or questions whether we’re enough. Always know that you were born enough. If you removed “enough” from your mind, imagine the freedom and joy you’d experience. Pretty cool to envision. Chelsea, you are enough as you are. Sending you inspiration, ~Kelli

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