How will you create the life of your dreams if every challenge comes with a side of debilitating anxiety?

YOU want to create a life that reflects your joy.


A career that speaks to your calling.

A home filled with energy, love, and peace.

A relationship that’s empowering and fulfilling.

But here’s the truth: your outside world is reflecting what’s on the inside, and on the inside…




STRESSED that others will discover you don’t know what you’re doing.

ANXIOUS about your goals and that they’re way more than you can handle.

WORRIED you’ll be trapped in this emotionally paralyzing cage forever.


And most of all? DISILLUSIONED. How will you create the life of your dreams if every challenge comes with a side of debilitating anxiety?

Deep breath, darling. Yes, anxiety can put up the kind of barriers that not even a sledgehammer can break down, but you’ve got a tool that’s even stronger: your drive to become the best version of YOU. Because that’s really where the frustration is coming from, isn’t it? You’re an ambitious woman who wants to make her goals a reality, but anxiety is hijacking your joy at every turn.


But here’s the good news: ANXIETY is not the boss of you. YOU get to carve out the peaceful path to greatness you deserve (minus the overwhelm, stress, and worry).

Sound too good to be true? Maybe that’s because lately, you feel like…


  • A total fraud no matter how hard you work, so you shy away from asking for what you need because you’re afraid they’ll discover you’re not as wonderful as you seem.


  • Every time you get close to reaching your goals you sabotage them, because the truth is you’re afraid you’re not good enough, or worse, you’re afraid you will


  • You’re paralyzed with fear at the thought of tackling a large project or dream, so you procrastinate like a teen with senioritis to avoid inevitable failure.\


  • Relationships are a scary chore that drag you down, because every difficult conversation feels like an anxiety attack waiting to happen, and you can’t stand the fear.


  • You spend all your time trying to make everyone else happy and very little time on your own happiness, and saying “yes” to everyone’s needs has left you depleted.


The truth?

In your wildest dreams, you’d find the grounded courage to put YOURSELF FIRST, so you can feel confident, inspired, passionate, and ready to face the world.


Yes, balancing life’s demands while managing fear, anxiety, and panic can feel like sitting in a hot sauna with the heat cranked up (STRESSFUL). But that wild dream you have?



THIS is where it starts, LOVE.


You’ll finally feel happy and whole again when you…


  • Stand your ground and ask for what you need, because you believe in yourself, your capabilities, and that you’re worth everything you get. Goodbye imposter syndrome!


  • Accomplish your goals with complete satisfaction, because you have the tools and coping skills to meet every challenge. You’ll welcome success with open arms!


  • Get laser-focused on your large projects and dreams and meet your deadlines, because you finally know failure and mistakes are just stepping stones to success.


  • Confidently tackle those difficult “talks” with your loved ones, coworkers, or boss, because you’re no longer afraid to set the boundaries with others that bring YOU peace.


  • Feel fulfilled, encouraged, and wholeheartedly happy, because you’ve learned to say “no” to others and no longer need their validation to confirm that YOU’RE AMAZING.


Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The wonderful news is that with my help THIS powerful life can be YOURS.


Welcome to Simply Sublime Coaching…

An online coaching practice that serves creative, talented, soul-driven women like you. My programs are both self-directed or supported with supplemental coaching, and teach you how to feel less anxious and more confident, so you can create the life that speaks to your purpose and calling!


Hi fierce lady, I’m Kelli Saginak, your guide through this labyrinth of anxiety and dedicated coach here at Simply Sublime Coaching.


You guessed it, I’m an expert in heart-pounding palpitations, sweaty palms, and body tremors (ANXIETY!). But I’m also an expert in turning anxiety into life-affirming, grounded happiness and motivation. With my treasure chest of certifications in coaching, 20+ years experience in counseling, and real-life battles with anxiety, I help women like you…


Break free of the emotional prison of their anxiety, step into their freedom, and create anything and everything their hearts DESIRE.


I’ve dealt with anxiety most of my life — a painful eating disorder, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and even ADHD — AND my mental and emotional health challenges turned me into the powerful coach standing before you today. They’re what led me to uncover the mindset, tools, and whole-health practices that allowed me to finally self-heal, break free of the emotional prison I had created, and launch into the life of my dreams.


I want the same for YOU. A powerful, loving, safe, fearless, joy-filled life of your own design. A life where your emotions no longer undermine your goals, and you live with CLARITY, FREEDOM, and PEACE.


Anxiety shouldn’t keep you from living an AMAZINGLY AWESOME LIFE. Period. I’m here to help you uncover that beautiful life, one day at a time.


My coaching philosophy EMPOWERS YOU.


When we work together, you’ll learn how to coach yourself using my self-coaching model. This isn’t about only treating the symptoms of your pain and struggles. It’s about getting to the root of each symptom you experience, so you can understand it, change it, and make room for fresh new seeds of success and fulfillment.


Here’s how our minds work:


Thoughts → Feelings → Action


Our thoughts create our emotions, which have a direct impact on what we create for ourselves in our lives. Using mindset and emotional intelligence work, I help you connect with your body, the emotions that you’re feeling, the thoughts that are triggering them, and the actions they’re influencing. Once you are able to understand the thread between your thoughts, feelings, and actions everything else falls into place. It’s like MAGIC that opens the door to FREEDOM.


That’s when we create a solid plan to bring you back to your joy. I truly believe in every woman’s ability to design her own recovery. Whether that’s mindfulness, journaling, yoga, dancing, or something else that brings you peace and healing. Whatever it is, we work together to build a path to healing that works for YOU.

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