Your Mind CAN Relieve Your Anxiety

Just when you think you’ve put your anxiety to rest, upleveled your mindset, and got your shit together, the Universe shows up to set you straight, and remind you that your mind can relieve your anxiety.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the big U always has our back…especially when it shows up to teach us another priceless lesson.

I’ve lived under the oppressive weight of anxiety all my life.

Anxiety has knocked me to my knees in sheer panic.

I’ve held onto my legs during body tremors that I knew would totally swallow me whole, and felt my heart beat right out of my chest.

I know “my” anxiety and I know it well.

I’m also clearly aware that a lot of my issues with anxiety I created.

My shitting belief system, made up of a whole lot of crappy thoughts fed my anxiety well, and kept it fat and happy.

However, my personal story of anxiety inspires my life purpose, which is helping amazingly gifted professional women on the verge of burnout change their relationship with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, and create the personal and professional life of their dreams.

Now, I’m totally aware of all the research that supports that anxiety is not always created in the mind.

Believe me, my 20+ years in academia, training counselors has saturated me in the proposed biological, neurological, and psychological causes of anxiety…and trust me, I’m not debating any of it.

However, what I can tell you is that even if your body, brain, and psyche are wired for anxiety, your mindset will either increase it or decrease it.

This is the best news ever! And, the scariest?

The best news?

Because you now know that you CAN harness the power of your mind to relieve your anxiety symptoms by doing dedicated mindset work, cognitive thought practices, and taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit, which are all super important to easing the symptoms of anxiety.

The scary news?

Knowing that you HAVE the power within your mind to change your symptoms of anxiety calls you to task and invites you to COMMIT to you, your self-care, and most important, your mindset work.

Because you now KNOW that mindset work is essential to easing the symptoms of anxiety.

You can no longer blame, defend, “Yes, butt,” and bullshit yourself with a lot of excuses for why you can’t show up in your life and work because of anxiety.

You can’t go back to the safety of not knowing; well, I suppose you can, yet you know that won’t serve you.

No longer can you make anxiety responsible for your problems when you KNOW that you can solve your problems by using your gifted and genius mind.

And honestly, a lot of my anxiety, if not all of it, was simply my reaction to fear.

I thought shitty thoughts that caused me to feel afraid, which caused me to feel anxious; same shit, different day.

I’ve done this work…I do this work…and even though I “thought” I was on the other side of the limiting beliefs that caused me to feel afraid and anxious, today I am gifted with an even deeper awareness…for which, I’m grateful.

Like you, my mindset needed a much deeper dive…an overhaul that solidified my commitment to making my mindset work a priority.

Interesting to notice…I don’t feel afraid or anxious as I type this post to you.

Today, I feel strong, empowered, and amazingly awesome.

Mindset work. Best anxiety relief ever!

Sending you inspiration,

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