You’re Going To Get Triggered

If you’re among the living and breathing, you’re going to get triggered.

We’re human, right?

And, even though we can choose to respond any way we want to our external environment, we’re going to have days and moments when we feel annoyed, frustrated, irritated, angry, and even enraged and allow something or someone to flip our lid, pop our cork, or trip our trigger.

Like when…

…a driver cuts you off in traffic.

…your credit card’s declined at the grocery store…and there’s a line of people staring at you.

…a client refuses to pay the invoice you sent 45 day ago.

…you receive a nasty text from your ex.

…your child’s been bullied at school.

…you don’t pass your certification exam.

…another biz owner plagiarizes your content.

…your Internet goes out in the middle of your online training.

…you get slammed on your performance evaluation.

…you miss your flight…and it’s the last one going out for the day.

…your alarm doesn’t go off…and you’re late for an interview.

…your teen’s in a car accident on the way to school.

…you thought you had enough leftovers for dinner only to discover you don’t…while your family stares are you hungry…

Your heart racing yet?

Your trigger finger twitching?

We’re so over programmed and scheduled that there’s literally no room for error; we’re on trigger alert every day, all day.

It’s no wonder we’re nervous, jumpy, and on edge half the time!

We’re constantly waiting for the signal, “Incoming!”

Trigger Happy

I lived anxious and totally trigger happy…for most of my life.

There was a time when crowds, devices, traffic, events, and people would have unraveled me into a spiral of emotional calisthenics.

My anxiety was so high that I lived in fight or flight mode, on-guard, poised and ready to react.

I had a quick trigger finger that would fly off the handle, over-react, snap, and turn myself, and others, inside out.

Usually, a flying object was involved; I’d collapse into a puddle of tears, exhausted and humiliated, with a pounding headache.. something I’m not proud of, yet it was the reality of how I lived under pressure.

And even though my biological makeup is somewhat sensitive; meaning, I vibrate on a pretty high frequency, it was my mind that was responsible for most of my suffering.

See, even if we vibrate on a higher emotional setting, that doesn’t mean that we have to suffer, or that we get a pass on our behavior.

By teaching our minds how to think, we can act and behave in ways that bring ease to all the spontaneous, knee-jerk, out-of-nowhere events, exchanges, and encounters in our life.

We don’t have to live triggered.


It’s simple really.

Notice. Feel. Breathe. Wonder.

Let me break it down for you…


Notice all that’s around you, including yourself, by being fully in the present, mindfully.

Don’t think about the past or the future; simply stop everything, be in the moment, scan your body, observe your mind, and watch all that’s unfolding around you.

The very act of noticing, pauses the react button; it shifts you into low gear, slows you down, and tunes you into the present.

It’s in the present where all the magic happens…not in the past or in the future.


Feel every emotion that vibrates through your body.

By experiencing every emotion, even the anxious, fearful, angry, and guilty emotions, you will strengthen your ability to feel all your emotions, realize that you can handle every emotion, and discover that all emotions are okay to feel; they complete you.

This notion that we’re not suppose to feel strong, difficult emotions is simply not true.

As human we’re designed to feel really comfortable emotions and super uncomfortable emotions; it’s a 50/50 deal!


Breathe fully, slowly, and completely, consciously.

Conscious breathing is the glue between your mind and body.

It keeps you connected while also regulating your emotional state; anxiety and fear ease when we breathe into them, fully.

When we breathe fully into strong emotions, such as anxiety and fear, they transform into excitement, eagerness, exhilaration, and even enthusiasm; it’s when we hold our breath, such as when we gasp, that uncomfortable emotions increase and vibrate even stronger.


Wonder with curiosity, fascination, and yes, humor.

As you notice, feel, and breathe, begin to wonder about what’s triggering you; wonder about your thoughts, feelings, actions, and those of others, with fascination and curiosity.

Most often, triggers hold amazing opportunities for growth, awareness, and expansion…that is, if we pause and explore them deeply by wondering.

Wondering also opens your heart, invites playfulness and even laughter, and creates space for unconditional love with a smile on your face.

When we wonder, our mind and body relax, we soften, and we simply feel better.

Notice – Feel – Breathe – Wonder

Honestly, I can’t tell you how much this process helps me calm triggers, feel more at ease, and experience more joy in my work, relationships, and life.

And even when my humanness gets triggered from time to time, I’m so much more in tune with my my mind and body, and flow with ease through most events, exchanges, and encounters.

So yeah, you’re going to get triggered; it’s part of the human experience.

Simply remember to notice, feel, breathe, and wonder.

Sending you inspiration,

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